Hopkinton Village Store offers Curbside Pickup

Thank you for your enthusiastic support in this first week of our ownership of Hopkinton Village Store. As you may have noticed, we have posted signs on the door indicating a mask policy at the store. This policy is necessary to ensure the health of our employees and customers, and that the State continues to allow us to remain open to serve you.

We continue to offer curbside pickup, no questions asked. Whether you choose not to wear a face covering, have kids in the car, or simply don’t want to be out in the weather, we will serve you. Please call your order in ahead and pay over the phone (746-7777). We ask for your patience, especially during our busier hours, and encourage you to call between 9-11 am, or 2-4 pm to ensure prompt service.

If you choose to sit at our tables to eat, we welcome you. Please replace your mask before getting up to move around or exit the store.

We have placed hand sanitizer by our register, coffee, and soup stations. We ask you to use it to thoroughly clean your hands before serving yourself our delicious house-made foods.

We have also positioned several air purifiers throughout the store in preparation of cold and flu season.

Abiding by the mask and hand cleaning policies are the best way to ensure that Hopkinton Village Store is able to stay open for your convenience and our employees’ livelihoods.

Thank you for your understanding and support. We appreciate your continued patronage at a timethat has been so tough on small businesses.

Allison and Will

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