Holiday Meat Orders at Hopkinton Village Store!

It’s nearly Christmas and we’re pleased to present our holiday meat order options. Place your order by Friday, December 11, 2020 for guaranteed delivery by coming into the store or calling us at 746-7777.

They are:

USDA Prime Beef

Standing Rib Roast $22.99/lb

Boneless Prime Rib roast $24.99/lb

Tenderloin roast $27.99/lb

Brookford Farm (Canterbury, NH) Pasture raised, Non-GMO Grain, Whey Finished, Berkshire Pork

5lb Pork loin ribend roast, chine bone removed $16/lb

1lb tenderloin boneless roast $22/lb

2lb pork belly fresh slab $17/lb

2-3lb boneless pork butt roast $15/lb

2-3lb Boneless pork shoulder roast $15/lb

Brookford Farm (Canterbury, NH) 100% Grass fed and finished Lamb

1lb Riblets Bone-in $25/lb

2-3lb bone-in shoulder roast $30/lb

2-3lb Bone-in Leg of Lamb $30/lb

1/2LB bone-in Rib Rack $35/lb

1LB bone-in Lamb Shank $27/lb

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