Made-To-Order Kitchen Hours are Changing

Happy Friday! It’s another gorgeous day in Hopkinton and we’re looking forward to a busy weekend at the store! We’ve been making lots of maple-bacon pizzas this week, and can’t wait to introduce even more of you to this decadent combo over the weekend. There’s more to this post, and it gets long, but there’s some important information in it, so we hope you’ll read it all.

A little over year ago, we were quietly working to buy the store, but Covid changed everything, and suddenly our plans all fell through. We waited (semi)patiently and in October it all came together again, and we have loved getting to know so many of you in the past four months. We have been so encouraged by your enthusiastic support, and are more motivated than ever to bring you fresh food and great customer service at your hometown market.

We do need to let you know about changes to kitchen operations at the store.

First- what’s staying the same: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening service, and breakfast and lunch seven days a week. Breakfast sandwiches, cinnamon buns, pizza, grilled foods, fried foods, and sandwiches will be just the same as you’re used to during these periods.

But, beginning this Monday 3/15/2021, and every Monday through Thursday after 2 pm made-to-order food (pizza, sandwiches, fried, grilled) will be closed for the foreseeable future, due to limited staffing in the kitchen. (Related: if you’re over 18 and looking for work, please reach us at

We have tried to operate the kitchen with just one staff member and it’s too difficult to achieve our quality and service standard with such a lean team. So instead of cooking made-to-order on weekday evenings, our kitchen crew will be providing great service for top-quality meat, fish, chicken, Boar’s Head deli slices, and our made-in-house prepared foods to accompany our expanding grocery and produce selections.

To continue to provide you with delicious, easy weekday meals, our Chef will ramp up our heat-and-eat options, and we will publish our menu of weekly meals every Monday on our website and social media pages. Coming this week: corned beef and cabbage (available starting on Tuesday), Hungarian chicken paprikash, and vegetarian burrito bowls (both available on Monday).

We’ll also keep limited numbers of warmer pizza slices and burgers available into the evening hours, and seek to add more ready-to-eat hot meals like full pizzas, and cold ready-eat-options like subs and salads to our rotation.

We expect a bit of a learning curve on all sides as we navigate this change. Please feel free to call the store 746-7777 if you’re wondering if we have a meal in stock, or if we can answer any other question for you.

We hope that you’ll embrace this change with us, and seriously: if you know anyone who wants a job, please send them our way!

Allison & Will

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